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thinking with typethinking with type
by Ellen Lupton

For those of you out there who have caught the data visualization and design bug (and I hope that is all of you!) this little book is a must have. Here is what I love about this book — it opens the reader’s eyes to something we all encounter every day, but think about very little — typefaces.

Ellen Lupton provides history (fascinating) along with an expansive amount of typographic information — everything from application, theory, and practice and manages to keep everything lighthearted and fun.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t also comment on the beautiful design and feel of the book — this in not something you want on your Kindle — you want to hold it in your hands and turn the pages. It is so beautifully designed and printed that it made me fall in love with the feel of a good book in my hands all over again.

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