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Change is good — you go first.

How to Change When Change Is Hard
by Chip Heath & Dan Heath | Crown Publishing

How many times have you heard this from people about other people (especially in the workplace) “he/she just doesn’t like change.”

Really — and we all love it?

It doesn’t matter who you are, making or experiencing a BIG or sometimes even a small change can be just plain hard. (I really don’t know how Madonna reinvents herself every six months — but you’ve to give her credit for the fact that she does).

Knowing that change is difficult, what proven strategies can we use to successfully introduce and manage change?

Enter Chip and Dan Heath. The Heath brothers have created an engaging and useful new book — Switch –about how to change things when change is hard.

Using lots of great analogies (love those) the book explores the rational and emotional elements of change. If you plan to change anything (and everything) you need to appeal to individual’s and group’s rational side for planning and direction and their emotional side for energy and passion. The bottom line: Change comes easily when they move together.

Switch is well researched and supported by evidence (very important we all know) — all and all a fun and helpful book.

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