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Show Me the NumbersShow Me the Numbers
Second Edition
by Stephen Few

In this second edition of Show Me The Numbers, Stephen Few pays homage to the many teachers who, over the years, have helped him “become the person, and the teacher, that I am today.” We too owe those women and men our gratitude: this book makes it clear that Steve is a master teacher.

In the new edition, each concept builds upon the previous one in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence, leading the reader steadily through the material, always wanting to see what is on the next page, to learn more.

I especially like the addition of maps, which represent information geospatially, and is particularly important and relevant as we endeavor to understand national and world trends, and as big data sets become more accessible to us.

In my work with healthcare professionals, I have long relied on Show Me The Numbers to help explain and clarify concepts about the visual display of data, and I list it as a “must have” for my clients’ reference libraries. The second edition will be even more valuable and useful to them.

Steve concludes the dedication of his book with this: “If I’ve done and can continue to do for others what these teachers have done for me, my life has meaning.” Rest easy, Steve: as evidenced by this updated edition of Show Me the Numbers, your life has great meaning.

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