Reading Room

Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences
by Nancy Duarte

I have been aware of Nancy Duarte’s work for a few years now and I always intended to read her book Resonate but never quite found the time. Well, I finally made time this summer and all I could think to myself was: why didn’t I read this book sooner?

Resonate is essentially about how to use story to create presentations that have an emotional impact on your audience. As Nancy says in the introduction, “This book is simultaneously an explanation, a how-to guide, and a business justification for story-based messaging.”

Using examples and lessons from the worlds of mythology, literature and cinema, she demonstrates how to incorporate dramatic elements into presentations, which invite the audience to become more involved, more interested and more invested.

Duarte doesn’t just lecture about how to do this, rather she provides lessons based on concrete examples and case studies that illustrate how to plan your audience’s journey, create meaningful content, contrast information to create interest, and recall stories. Duarte shows the reader how to turn information into stories and how to move from data to meaning.

Even if you are casual presenter I think you’ll find that this book is well worth the price and a quiet afternoon simply reading and learning about the power of story to transform audiences.

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