Hasn’t the World Waited Long Enough?

The double-ended peanut-butter jar — where have you been all my life?

Accessible peanut-butter, so simple, so obvious, so brilliant. All those lovely peanuts gathered up one at a time through hard labor. Getting the best peanuts and sending them to the peanut warehouse and processing plant to be transformed into something we need and love — nutty, luscious peanut-butter.

But then it gets stuffed in a jar — so much precious peanut-butter languishing in the jar that we can never get it all out. We never realize the full value of our peanut-butter!

The shame of it all.

Until now. An idea that is so stupendously simple and obvious that I can hardly stand it. A way to get at all that wonderful peanut-butter. A way to realize the full value of a jar of peanut-butter.

double ended jar
Simply Brilliant

Accessible healthcare data — where have you been all my life?

So simple, so obvious, so elusive.

Healthcare data is captured and sent to a data warehouse like the precious peanuts for peanut-butter. But the data languishes, it is not transformed into meaningful, useful and persuasive tables, graphs or reports — it is not effectively used to make informed healthcare decisions — nothing nearly as wonderful as peanut-butter is created — and it can be and must be.

The data is in there just begging to be transformed — to be scooped out easily and quickly — to reveal its full value to improve our healthcare system.

We must leverage new software and data visualization reporting tools and train our staffs to find and tell the story buried in healthcare data — correctly and clearly. We must help all stakehoders to easily see and understand the information they need to make healthcare decisions.

We need our very own double-ended jar.

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