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The Best Practices of Data Visualization and Dashboard Design


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“Kathy Rowell is an insightful instructor and data analytics coach. Her workshops on Visualizing Healthcare Data provided valuable tools and problem-solving techniques clearly rooted in her extensive experience with health care data. The synergy in the room was valuable as well. Additionally, combining the strengths of analysts and data managers from industries that support healthcare, and hospital-based services, created lively team exercises in the workshops. I highly recommend Kathy as an instructor, consultant and coach.” – Donna Antonelli, BS, CPHQ | Surgical Quality Data Manager | Mass General Hospital



The Best Practices of
Data Visualization and Dashboard Design

This virtual workshop delivers hard-to-find, hands-on training in the best practices of data visualization for health and healthcare professionals. It’s interactive, with a combination of lecture and case study activities, incorporating examples of actual healthcare data, and is designed to give you the tools you need to present your healthcare data so that your accurate, effective message is loud and clear.

Each participant will also receive a copy of my book, Visualizing Health and Healthcare Data – creating clear and compelling data visualizations to “see how you’re doing.”

Session 1:

Communicating Health and Healthcare Data with Tables and Graphs

Effectively communicating your data visually using tables and graphs is a skill, both technical and creative, to be learned and developed, like any other. Too often, the tables and graphs used to communicate health and healthcare data are poorly designed, at best failing to and at worst even incorrectly communicating the critical information used to measure performance, educate and inform patients, and identify the right opportunities for change and improvement to our health and healthcare systems.

Session 2:

Dashboard Design for Communicating Health and Healthcare Data

Properly designed, data dashboards have enormous potential to help health and healthcare professionals visually identify and monitor at-a-glance the most important information needed to think, reason and make informed health and healthcare decisions. During this session we will establish a working definition of a dashboard, explore techniques for gathering requirements, and explore how dashboards fit into a guided analytics framework.  Session 1 is a prerequisite for the Session 2 Dashboard Design Workshop.

Individual Session:

Get feedback on your
dashboard, report or
upcoming project

Each participant or small groups of participants working on a project together are invited to sign-up for a 30-minute one-on-one virtual session to review a current dashboard or report you have developed or a new project you have coming up. During this session we will provide direct coaching and pointers to incorporate the workshop lessons resulting in a tangible take-away for you and your teams.

Nice job! I just wanted you to know how much I truly enjoyed today’s Workshop — Thank You!”

Peter Logue
Twin Peaks Group

“If you’re not motivated & energized after Kathy’s presentations – check your pulse – you may be dead.”

Peter Doris MD, MSc, F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S
BC Patient Safety + Quality Network
Vancouver, BC

Designing Health and Healthcare

I am excited to offer a new free webinar – Designing Health and Healthcare – delivered by Anne (Annie) R. Clark, MFA, Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a process for creative problem-solving that puts people at the center of the design process through empathy. It is human-centered, collaborative, experimental, and optimistic. The process is not linear, but usually follows several well-defined steps that can ensure you are designing all types of solutions that are useful and add value for patients and their families, providers, public health outreach coordinators (to name just a few). Examples about how design thinking techniques can help in a wide range of projects include creating dashboards and reports that people love to use, designing new workflows and patient throughputs as well as new devices and services are discussed in this free webinar.

Meet Annie

Anne (Annie) R. Clark is a Design Thinking (DT) expert and educator. Her most recent engagement focused on developing and delivering Design Thinking training and project advisory work for the leadership and staff at Genesis Rehab Services (GRS), one of the largest and strongest rehabilitation organizations in the country, with approximately 10,000 therapists and assistants in almost 1,400 locations. Other project work includes DT engagements with IBM virtual learning labs, and a DT workshop series for elementary and middle school educators. A new and fresh voice, she has presented DT concepts and posters at national and international conferences. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Doug, and two beloved dogs, Spock and Odie.

Annie Clark Designing Health and Healthcare Workshop



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Looking for a speaker for your next event or meeting, or to help bring your staff up to speed on certain topics? My lectures and webinars make it easy for your group to share customized, expert information on contemporary issues involving health and healthcare data and other relevant topics. Drop me a note to connect and learn more.

“Kathy, thank you so much for the recent presentation that you made at the meeting of the AAMC’s Compliance Officers Forum. Had you stayed for the remainder of the meeting you would have noticed that every time a speaker put up a slide that displayed data, there was a buzz in the audience as each person critiqued the data presentation! Your time with us made a wonderful difference for everyone and provided a memorable start to our meeting.”

Ivy Baer
Satisfied Customer + KSRowell and Associates Fan

“An excellent day, very hands on, very valuable and a lot to take away. I learned many new things and your expertise is clear. Thank you!!”

Judy Cote
Director Perioperative Services
U Mass Memorial Health Center

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