Design and Consulting - Offered by HealthDataViz, LLC

There are times when your group may benefit from more focused attention on specific projects. That's when the expertise of my design and consulting firm, HealthDataViz, LLC, (HDV) can help.

HDV helps organizations align their systems, design reports and develop staff to communicate healthcare data clearly. As a result, my clients know where to take action to improve clinical and financial performance.

HealthDataViz services include:

Design and Communication

Healthcare organizations have difficulty making informed decisions. Not because they don't have enough data but rather, because the data they have is poorly communicated.

Poorly designed tables and graphs confuse rather than enlighten. The story is hidden and opportunities for improvement are not realized.

HDV harnesses the best practices of data visualization to design reports and dashboards that display healthcare data accurately, clearly and compellingly.

People Readiness

Organizations have varying levels of staff competency regarding the use, interpretation and reporting of healthcare data. Your teams have difficulty talking to each other because they have differing expertise, each with its own language.

Raising the capabilities of your staff can reduce (and even eliminate) these problems.

HDV begins by assessing your people - how they are organized, how they interact, their level of data literacy and their competency in data display and management.

HDV then designs and delivers customized training programs that improve staff capabilities and understanding, leading to increased awareness and an ability to produce extraordinary reports.

Learn more about how HDV can help your organization here.