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Visualizing Health and Healthcare Data

Creating clear and compelling data visualizations to “see how you’re doing.” The only data visualization book written by and for health and healthcare professionals.

Data Visualization for Health and Healthcare Professionals is a one-of-a-kind book for health and healthcare professionals to learn the best practices of data visualization specific to their field. It provides a high-level summary of health and healthcare data,  an overview of relevant visual intelligence research, strategies and techniques to gather requirements, and how to build strong teams with the expertise required to create dashboards and reports that people love to use. Clear and detailed explanations of data visualization best practices will help you understand the how and the why.

This book is an excellent resource for top management in healthcare, as well as entry-level to experienced data analysts in any health-related organization.

The Best Boring Book Ever™ of Tableau for Healthcare

The Best Boring Book Ever™ of Tableau for Healthcare (Third Edition) is the first and only one of its kind. Designed specifically for health and healthcare professionals by my team of health and healthcare, data-visualization, and report-design experts at HealthDataViz, this book introduces and details Tableau Desktop’s outstanding data-analysis and dashboard-creation features.

If you have purchased the book you may download the data here to complete the exercises and experience a fully immersive learning experience with real health and healthcare data.

The Best Boring Book Ever™ of Select Healthcare Classification Systems and Databases

Also, check out my award-winning book, “The Best Boring Book Ever™ of Select Healthcare Classification Systems and Databases“. It’s a resource for both seasoned professionals in and newcomers to the healthcare industry, a resource that provides concise but thorough descriptions of select clinical classification systems and select healthcare databases (and a terrific companion to the Tableau for Healthcare book).

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