How to Make Sparklines in Excel 2007

A sparkline is a very small line chart that is typically drawn without axes or coordinates. It presents the general shape of the variation (typically over time) in some measurement in a simple and highly condensed way. Sparklines are small enough to be embedded in text or several sparklines may be grouped together as elements of a small multiple. (Please see example in Excel Worksheet).

How to Make Sparklines 01

Making Sparklines

How to Make Sparklines 02

Step 1: Highlight cells B4 through M4 and click the Insert tab. Click the Charts menu.

How to Make Sparklines 03

Step 2: Click the Line option and select the 2D line chart, which is the first option.

How to Make Sparklines 04

How to Make Sparklines 05

Step 3: Click the legend and press the delete key.

How to Make Sparklines 06

Step 4: Click the horizontal axis and press the delete key. Click the Vertical Axis and press the delete key.

How to Make Sparklines 07

Step 5: Click the horizontal grid lines and press the delete key.

How to Make Sparklines 08

Step 6: Resize the chart. Click the chart and drag the handles to the desired size.

Step 7: Create chart for the Expense line and Profit Line: Click the revenue chart and press control D to create a copy.

Step 8: Click the line in the new chart. The referenced data for the Revenue will be highlighted above. Hover the mouse around the highlighted data until you see the cross change to arrows. Click on the arrows and drag down to the next line of data. The Expense data will now be reflected in the chart. Repeat these steps for the Profit data.

How to Make Sparklines 09

Step 9: Add titles to the left of your sparklines.

How to Make Sparklines 10

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