Optimal Colors for Graphs

Did you ever think that someone could make an entire career researching, thinking, writing and advising groups about color?

Maureen Stone of StoneSoup Consulting has done just that – and has done it quite brilliantly. Maureen is an expert in color for data visualization and she designed the following colors that work really well for displaying data in graphs.

The values for the red, green, blue scale are listed below each color in order that you may recreate the exact colors in everyday software tools such as Excel.

Check out more of Maureen’s work and her blog at: http://www.stonesc.com/wordpress/

How cool is this? Very.

optimal colors for graphs

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12 Responses to Optimal Colors for Graphs

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  2. Ian says:

    This is brilliant – Many thanks!

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  4. Eric says:

    very good stuff!

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  6. Emma says:

    Is it also possible to include at least an approximation of hex colors for these? Some programs require that instead.

  7. KajMagnus says:

    Are these colors color blind friendly?
    (I’m not color blind so I don’t know)

  8. Sriram says:

    Thanks for the color selection.

  9. Ab says:

    These are really very nice.

  10. Damon says:

    Is there a color-blindness equivalent? Orange/red/green will be a problem.

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