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Visual DNA

Check out this personality test I found on the New York Times powered by a company called Visual DNA. It only takes a minute and it is fun. And of course the bigger message is…it is all visual all the … Continue reading

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Have a “Good One” What?

So, here is what is bugging me today…inexact speech and ambiguous directives. Precisely what do people mean when they tell me to “have a good one?” Do they mean that I should have a good… Life? Day? Colonoscopy? Long walk … Continue reading

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Formatting Max and Min Values on a Line Graph

I discourage labeling every value on a set of time-series data that will be displayed in a line graph – it just crowds the graph and distracts viewers from the simple message about how something has changed over time. But, … Continue reading

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PSA–Will Evidence Finally Win Out?

We give a lot of lip service to providing patients with evidence about the treatment options available to them so that they may make an “informed decision” in alignment with their beliefs and values.  The key word being the evidence about … Continue reading

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Is My Dog Stoned?

I think my dog Juno got stoned at the park — again. On at least two previous occasions and again just the other day, Juno started to stagger around, and for added effect fall down after chewing a considerable number … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs

Having just made the switch from a PC to a MacBook has been nothing short of a revelation. It has also served to deepen the sincere sadness I feel for our collective loss of Steve Job’s beautiful mind. For many … Continue reading

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Labeling Data In Graphs

Looking back and forth from the data being reported to a data legend makes it difficult to easily identify the data in your charts. A simple fix for this is: Point your cursor at the end of the data series … Continue reading

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Aligning Labels with Tick Marks

Labels should be aligned appropriately with the data being displayed. Don’t align labels between the tick marks when you are showing data at specific time points as it can be confusing to your viewers what date is aligned with a … Continue reading

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Formatting Comparison Data

How do I change comparison data from a horizontal bar on a cluster chart to a simpler display that displays the comparison data with a simple marker? Before: Steps: Select the data series you want to change. In this example … Continue reading

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Big mistake. I made a big mistake recently and I am woman enough to admit it. I failed to understand EXACTLY what decision was being informed by the report I had been asked to design. How could this happen? Simple. … Continue reading

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