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Welcome to my newsletter and blog, Health and Healthcare Data Unleashed, a guide to understanding, presenting and using health and healthcare data, information and evidence. I’ve been writing and posting here since 2010 on a range of topics and resources I’ve encountered in my own data analysis and data visualization journey. You will notice a gap beginning in 2020 as I took time away to work on my book, Visualizing Health and Healthcare Data – I hope you’ll check it out!

Does My MD Look Like Me?

The other day, as I listened to the news, a story came on about telemedicine’s increased use during the current COVID-19 pandemic. I wasn’t surprised

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Effort Matters

My friends and family love to tell stories about my failed attempts at baking. Ha, ha, they’re hilarious — actually, they are, but I have to

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Bar Humbug!

Can I tell you how tired I am of hearing people tell me that “bars are boring”? VERY TIRED. Bar humbug!! A true pillar of

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Heavenly Icons

It’s quite astonishing how even when I get out of my office and resolve not think about my work for a while, I stumble upon

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What the Hex?

I think (and hope) that I’m exceptionally open to new ideas and to change — but if I’m brutally honest, I must also acknowledge that

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Leading Causes of Death

It’s a beautiful snowy morning in New England. There’s a fire in the fireplace, and my husband is reading the newspaper with two pups snoozing

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Mekko Charts

I’m a long (long)-time devotee of the iconic Marimekko designs and textiles. I have Marimekko clothes (I’m sure they’re considered vintage now), and in my

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Design Thinking Required

A colleague recently sent me an article by Atul Gawande, MD: “Why Doctors Hate Their Computers” (huh — you don’t say!). If you’re familiar with

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Serious Talk About Bubbles

This past summer our beloved daughter, Annie, was married to our new, very favorite son-in-law, Douglas. There were bubbles blown by the guests as the

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Only Charlotte Needs a Web

Recently my colleague and HealthDataViz Senior Consultant Janet Steeger sent me the graph below and an associated article, with the subject line “Blog Posting?”. (Click

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“I continue to enjoy receiving your newsletters. They are so inviting and personal, yet professional. You have a great style and ease of communicating. Making complex data accessible is just so cool!”

Robin C. Eichert
PeopleSense Consulting LLC

“I just wanted to let you know that your latest newsletter about slowing down to think and discuss what questions need to be answered with our healthcare data was especially good. Thanks for the insights and tips!”

Ann Cutrell, RPh
Brandeis MS Informatics Candidate


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