Atrius | Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

In collaboration with Watson International Consulting, Katherine S. Rowell & Associates has been engaged to analyze case management data for the group's Pioneer ACO and to develop new reports to support improved patient care management throughout the continuum of care.

Children's Hospital Association

The Children's Health Association (CHA) engaged us to create a custom healthcare data communication and visualization work for their member hospitals. This terrific organization fulfills its mission to advance child health by working with and for its members to raise awareness of children's unique health care needs and create solutions improving the quality, delivery and cost of pediatric healthcare.


At the invitation of Health Quest, the Mid-Hudson Valley's largest healthcare system, we worked with 12 members of the Leadership Quest 2020 program to explore all aspects of healthcare data--most importantly, how to leverage their data to inform the decisions they face everyday. The group's Active Immersion Meetings (AIM) consist of domain knowledge introduced by thought leaders with the goal of helping the group to gain insight and new skills to meet the demands and rapidly changing landscape of healthcare.

UMass Memorial Medical Center

Working in close collaboration with the UMass team to achieve the vision of online, continuously available reports for the nursing and perioperative teams, Katherine S. Rowell & Associates has been engaged to: catalogue performance measures,databases and existing reports; design and develop new reports & dashboards; work with IT to make the reports operational and to educate end users. And talk about a really (as in very) fun group -- we love our work!

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

The CCF Quality & Patient Safety Team called on Katherine S. Rowell & Associates for help in thinking through and implementing a new way of hiring data analysts and other team members. We developed a series of case studies, which included databases and scenarios for candidates to analyze and make a presentation about. Case study interviews, based on actual scenarios, are a great way to eveluate how well candidates can analyze a situation, identify key issues, and discuss how they would approach the problems involved -- because at the end of the day it isn't just about having the right data -- it's about having the right team that can find and tell the story in the data.

World Health Organization (WHO)

When the World Health Organization engaged Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge to provide training on how to correctly use tables, graphs and dashboards to communicate their data, he extended an invitation to Kathy Rowell to join him in order that the group could benefit from her healthcare subject matter expertise. A training and advisory engagement, Steve and Kathy also developed a customized data display guideline document for the group.

Baylor Health Care System

The Baylor Health Care System -- Institute of Health Care Research and Improvement hired Katherine S. Rowell & Associates to create and deliver two days of customized training for their team. Using examples of their current reports and working in close collaboration we created case studies, documents and lectures for Baylor's specific needs. Collaboration, customization -- it is all good.

Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC)

A statewide collaborative of approximately 60 Michigan Hospitals, the MSQC hired our group to deliver a private, custom workshop for their clinical reviewers and quality managers. Using the MSQC data as the source of lecture examples and case studies the workshop connected the data the group works with to the best practices of data presentation and reporting.

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) -- Compliance Officer Association

Faced with burgeoning data and compliance reporting the Academic Health Centers Compliance Officers Association (a division of AAMC) engaged Katherine S. Rowell & Associates to deliver a lecture and interactive session at their annual conference with the goal of helping their members to clearly visualize and report their healthcare data.

South Shore Hospital

At the request of South Shore Hospital we developed a customized course for the Quality Department Team on the best practices of data presentation and reporting. Working in small groups all of the case studies were customized to allow the participants to create their answers using MS Excel and we incorporated training about how to leverage Excel's data reporting functionality. During the same engagement we delivered a full-day customized workshop about the best practices of table and graph design for communicating healthcare data for all staff.

Alberta Health Services

We were engaged by the Cancer Surgery Alberta project to review and recommend improvements to their program reports and to deliver a private, custom workshop. The workshop focused on the data the group uses and included the best practices of data visualization along with an overview of how to use data to identify opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes.

Massachusetts Health Data Consortium

At the invitation of the MHDC, Kathy Rowell delivered two one hour workshops on the topic of "Uses and Presentation of Data Analytics" at the Mass Health Data Consortium Payment Reform: Innovation for the Nation program. The special focus of these workshops was the visual display of data in a value based purchasing environment.

British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council

The British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council came to us when they needed expert help training their hospitals about how to leverage their National Surgical Quality Improvement Data (NSQIP) for quality improvement initiatives. Organized into three sections our training sessions empowered participants to: 1. find the quality improvement opportunities in their NSQIP data 2. communicate their NSQIP data clearly, confidently & compellingly 3. promote their ideas, identify project advocates & secure resources for QI initiatives. But our coaching and education didn't end there. After this initial onsite workshop we delivered follow-up conference calls and online coaching sessions to support and encourage participants in their ongoing efforts.

Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario (APHEO)

Educational session developed and delivered to the APHEO, with a special focus on data which focused on equity and accountability in healthcare.

Population Data BC

The Population Health Data Analysis Group in Vancouver BC, a multi-university, data and education resource facilitating interdisciplinary research on the determinants of human health, well-being and development, engaged our services for a one-day custom workshop. We never, ever, turn down an opportunity to visit our friends in the gorgeous city of Vancouver!

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