Here's the problem

Healthcare data, information and evidence are coming at your organization faster than text messages to a 14-year-old's smartphone. You know you need to deal with it, but the data volume and the growing regulatory reporting requirements are more than your staff can handle.

That's where I come in. I teach and advise organizations how to correctly capture and manage their healthcare data and … how to communicate it clearly and compellingly.

As a result, your organization is able to make informed decisions with confidence — and without tormenting your staff in the process.

select-healthcare-classification-systemsCheck out our new book, "The Best Boring Book Ever of Select Healthcare Classification Systems and Databases". It's a resource for both seasoned professionals in and newcomers to the healthcare industry, a resource that provides concise but thorough descriptions of select clinical classification systems and select healthcare databases.

The Buzz About KSR

Kathy Rowell is working on the forefront of data analytics. As I have applied data visualization in broad strokes to enhance business intelligence, Kathy is now applying its great potential with a surgeon's precision to healthcare. I believe that some of the most useful developments in data analytics — and certainly some of the most life changing — will emerge from the application of data visualization to specific domains, such as healthcare, by experts like Kathy. I recommend her services with confidence and gratitude.

Stephen Few
Leading Data Visualization Expert & Founder
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